How to invite customers to set up login details to the Customer Portal

In this step-by-step guide we will go through how you can send an invitation to your customers to set up their login details to the Customer Portal.

Before you proceed you will need to make sure you have activated the Customer Portal first.

Please note: this feature is available on our gold subscription level.



IMPORTANT!  Customer profile must have an email address as this will be their username for the portal. If a customer profile does not have an email address the below error message will appear when you go to send them the invitation.

Error message when email address is not available on customer profile

1. Open up the customer profile in Workshop Software, click on the “Star” icon located in the top right hand corner of the page. Then select “Send Customer Portal Invitation“.

Click star icon on top right hand corner of customer profile page in Workshop Software. Then click "Send Customer Portal Invitation"

2. A Pop up box will appear to ask how you want to send the invitation to the customer, by email or by SMS. Click on which ever method you want.

Pop up box asking if you want to send via email or SMS

3. Which ever method you choose you will be given confirmation that the invitation was sent to the customer.

Confirmation bar appears to confirm invitation was sent

4. This is how the email invitation will look like to your customer.

Screenshot of what the invitation will look like to the customer. 2 links available, first one to set up password for first time, second link to login page

5. This is how the SMS invite will appear to your customers

screenshot of how the invitation will appear when sent via SMS

6. When the customer clicks on the link they will be directed to this page to set up their password (their login details will be the email address that you have for them in Workshop Software)

screenshot of password set page for customer portal

Now that you have sent your customers an invitation to set up their login details, check out our guide on the features of the Customer portal and what your customers can see/do from the portal itself.