How to set up Australian vehicle registration look up feature

Workshop Software now offers a feature that allows you to find the make, model, series, build date, and much more by simply searching a vehicle’s registration number. Saving you time populating the correct information of the vehicle in Workshop Software in seconds!

Activating Registration Lookup

1. On the left-hand menu of Workshop Software, browse to Integrations -> Automotive Integrations -> Registration Lookup.

2. Click Activate.

3. There is a cost associated per lookup, the cost will vary on the number of lookup’s you purchase at a time. The more you purchase the cheaper the cost of each look up will be. To purchase the lookup’s click on the ‘Purchase’ button.

4. A pop up box will appear showing you the available pricing structure based on the number of lookup’s you want to purchase. Enter in the number you wish to purchase into the ‘Number of Requests‘ field and the cost will appear below in the ‘Price‘ field. Click on the green ‘Purchase’ button to finalise the purchase. The cost of


5. The available lookups will be displayed in the ‘Available Requests‘ field and will be updated as the lookup’s are used.