How to bulk update product price list

Do you get frequent product price list from your supplier where the products have been entered into Workshop Software in the past and you want to update all the products in Workshop Software based off the prices on the price list?

Then you need to following the below steps to successfully import the data so that it updates the existing products in Workshop Software.

  1. Ensure any logos, blank rows are removed from the spreadsheet
  2. First row of the spreadsheet needs to be the column headings identifying what data is in each column
  3. The data must include Item Code (Stock code), cost price excluding taxes and Retail price including taxes as a minimum.
  4. All columns with prices need to be in the format of ‘numbers’ NOT ‘Accounting’ or ‘Currency’
  5. Save the price list as a .csv file (comma delimited)

Sample Price List

Then follow our “How to import data” guide on how to import the new price list details into Workshop Software