Order and purchase parts through Repco

1. Make sure the Repco integration is set up. (If not, please follow this guide): https://workshopsoftware.com/knowledge-base/automotive-integrations/how-do-i-integrate-workshop-software-with-repco-navigatorpro/

2. Select an open job that you are needing to add parts to and scroll down to the products section.

3. Press on the ‘Repco‘ icon:

4. Press ‘yes‘ when promoted to save the invoice:

5. Once you are in the PROlink/covs parts platform, choose the parts you are wanting to purchase/bring over for the invoice:

6. Once you are done selecting all the parts, press ‘Return Parts to WS‘.

7. Once you are back in workshop Software, you will see the parts have been added to the invoice/job.

8. To order parts, press on the star next to where you would usually print/email the invoices:

9. It will prompt you to ‘add items to order‘ once this is pressed you can either create a new purchase order or add to an existing one (if there are no open orders, it will add one for you):

10. Once you are wanting to process the order, go up into the ‘star‘ again and press ‘send order‘:

11. Press ‘yes‘ when asked if you would like to save and send this order:

12. You will then be taken back into Repco, where you can send the parts off to order:

13. Once this is done, your parts are on their way!