Create an Inspection

Please note: This functionality is only available for our Gold subscription level. If you would like to access this feature you can upgrade on your dashboard.

To create an Inspection you will need to have created an Inspection Template. If you have not yet done so please have a look at this guide:

1. Go to ‘Inspections’ > ‘New Inspections’ on your tabs on the left hand side of Workshop Software.

2. Choose which Customer and Vehicle you want to do the inspection for and what type of Inspection template you want to use.

3. The Inspection details will default to what you have put in your default settings. However you can edit this if you would like:

4. Depending on your template each section will have different features to check and tick off. There will be 4 types of formats:

    • Green/Yellow/Red – Helpful for showing the level of urgency.
    • Carry Out – Yes/No requirement to make sure it has been checked.
    • Input – Provides the option to add an input and select urgency.
    • Tyres – Provides fields for Tyre pressure and the option to select urgency.

5. Once you have finished performing the inspection click SAVE at the bottom right. Also make sure to press save if you have not finished the Inspection so that the work you have done so far does not get lost.