How to create a quote

A quote is created the same way as a customer invoice, the invoice type is changed from the default Invoice to Quote;

1.  Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top  right hand  side of the page next to your company name and logo and select Customer Invoice from the  drop down  box.

2.  If the quote is for an existing customer then search for their name and  double click  on their details.

If the customer is NEW. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the page, next to the search customers field to enter the details of a new customer;

    •          Select Individual or Company
    •          Select Cash or Account
    •          Enter First Name & Last Name – required
    •          Phone numbers
    •          Email
    •          Address details
    •          Once all details are entered click on the ‘Save’ button

3.  Add the vehicle to the quote, if it is for an existing customer with an existing vehicle then click on the vehicle to add it to the quote, if vehicle details need to be added then click on the ‘+’ icon a the top of the page and enter the vehicle details;

    • Rego – required
    • VIC
    • Make
    • Model
    • Body Type – select from  drop  down menu – required
    • Colour
    • Speedo
    • Production date – MM/YYYY format
    • Once all details are entered click on the ‘Save’ icon

4.  To create a quote rather than an invoice select Quote from the  drop down  menu under Invoice Type;

5.  Enter the quote details, once completed click on ‘Save’ at the bottom right of the page

6.  The quote will now appear in the job centre.  If the customer would like to proceed you can either click on the Star icon to the right of balance due to turn it into a booking in the Booking Calendar or change the Invoice Type to Invoice so it can then be processed as an invoice;