Email Attachment Size Limit

When attaching images or files to an email invoice, there is a maximum size 5MB limit. Going over this limit will stop the email from being sent.

This guide will show you how to resize the image.

Screenshot of Customer invoice with Email invoice selected

Screenshot of multiple attachments available on invoice

You can compress image sizes to attach more to the email.

1. Open the picture you want to compress in Microsoft Photos.

2. Click the ‘Three Dots’ option button on the right of the picture.

Screenshot: Open the picture you want to compress in Microsoft Photos

3. Select the Resize Option.

4. Select ‘Define custom dimensions’

Screenshot: Select the Resize Option

5. Leave ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ ticked and lower the Quality.

Screenshot: Leave 'Maintain aspect ratio' ticked and lower the Quality

6. Save the resized copy.

Screenshot of saving the resized image

7. Locate your resized photo and attach this to the customer email.