Update a vehicles next service due date

The purpose of this article is to show you how to update the next service date when you complete an invoice.

1) You need to set up a product to be a service. You can have as many “Products” as you like set-up as “Service”. For example, you may have Minor Service/Major Service.

When you process an invoice and a product has the “Service” option set to Yes, the system will update the next service date.

For more details on how to set-up a product please follow this guide:

How to add a Product

2) Next, make sure that the vehicle has a Service Interval date set. This can be done by opening up the vehicle’s edit screen and adding a number into the Service Interval box. This number is the number of months before the next service (for example, 6 months, 12 months etc).

* Make sure you save this change

3) Create an invoice, ensuring that the vehicle with the next service date and interval is attached to the invoice. This date will be updated as soon as the invoice is processed.


You can turn on the “Ask For Due Dates On Process Invoice” toggle in your Company Settings to prompt you to update the due dates for each vehicle when you process and invoice.