Send out a google review to your customers via SMS


We would highly recommend setting up a SMS template with your message so that you can quickly send the message when you need to. If you don’t know how to set up SMS templates CLICK HERE for our step-by-step guide.

1. You need to have the URL that will direct customer to Google review page

2. In Workshop Software look up the customer you want to send the SMS to by using the main search bar

3. Click on the orange speech bubble icon, this will open a pop up window where you can enter in your SMS message.

4. Enter in the message you want to send including your Google Review URL you copied in step 1

5. If the URL is quite long (like in the above example) you can use websites like that will help you shorten your URL. Paste the full URL in the field shown below and then click the “Shorten” button

6. Your shortened Google Review URL will appear in the field, copy this and paste this in your SMS message.

7. Then click the green ‘Send‘ button. Below is a screenshot of how the message will appear for your customers and you can see that the URL is highlighted in blue and your customers can click on that link and they will be directed straight to your Google Review Page.