Sending your customer their invoice via SMS

Sending your customer their invoice via SMS

1. Make sure your invoice is processed.

2. Click the ‘Star’ button on the top right of the invoice and click ‘SMS Payment Request’.

3. This will bring up a pop up box with your customer mobile number and a default SMS message. This can be adjusted if you would like it changed:

4. Press ‘Send.

5. The SMS will be sent to the customer and look something like this:


6. When they click on the link they will be taken to this screen that has an overview of the invoice:

7. The customer can then scroll down and press ‘View Invoice’ which will take them to a PDF of the invoice:


8. Then they should press ‘Pay Now’ a pop up box will appear for them to enter their card details:

9. Once the customer has entered their card details, they should press submit.

10. If this payment is successful a ‘Payment Successful’ banner will appear with the option to once again view the invoice PDF by pressing ‘Print Invoice’.