How to use PartsTech

This guide will give you all the information about using PartsTech!

Please note that only our American and Canadian users can utilise the PartsTech integration.

1. Make sure you are integrated and ready to use the PartsTech Integration. If you are not integrated, please see this guide:

2. To start using PartsTech to grab parts go into an open job through your job center and select the little PartsTech symbol under where you add products

3. Click on the PartsTech symbol and press ‘Yes’ when prompted to save the invoice:

4. This will now take you into PartsTech where you are able to search for as many parts as you want for your job, simply either search for the part or choose a category. It will display all your relevant suppliers to choose where you order the part from.

5. Select the part you are needing for your Workshop Software job by pressing ‘Add to Cart’ then you will either be able to keep adding parts or finish the order by pressing ‘Proceed to Checkout’ when prompted at the top right:

6. After you have pressed ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ it will take you to a page where you can review the parts and add them to Workshop Software.

Click on ‘Submit Quote‘ to prompt PartsTech to send your selected parts back to your Workshop Software job:

7. PartsTech will then take you back to Workshop Software where your part should now be sitting in the parts section with all the correct pricing:

8. Remember to click save down the bottom and repeat if you need any further parts!

Feel free to have a look at this video that will show you how to use the PartsTech integration as well: