Set customer discounts, mark-ups & pricing

Workshop Software accommodates the ability to assign a discount, mark-up or other pricing level to specific customers, this then applies to or overrides all other pricing on the invoice.

1. Search for the customer by typing their name in the main search bar in Workshop Software, located at the top of the page. Then double click on the correct search result.

2. For each customer you are able to select:

a) An Hourly Rate – this rate will override the cost of any labour your charge to the customer

b) Discount – the percentage discount will be applied to all invoice items, including labour

c) Markup – the percentage markup will be applied to all invoice items, including labour

d) Price Type – any products invoiced to the customer that have a price entered for the corresponding price type will be charged at that amount. For more information on setting price types please view the guide on adding products.

Once you have entered the new information, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green ‘Save’ button: