How to run the SMS log report

This report will allow you to see all SMS’s that were sent from Workshop Software.

The information the report will provide are:

    • Phone number SMS was sent to
    • Which user (login) sent the SMS, if it is an automated SMS then it will say the user is ‘system’
    • Message sent
    • Date it was sent

1. To run this report, click on Reports from the left hand navigation menu, and then select ‘Business Reports’

2. Scroll down to the Log Report section, click on the arrow to expand this section

3. Scroll down to the last report called SMS Report, you can then either

If green printer icon is used the report will look as follows:

If yellow download csv icon is used the report will look like this:

Currently it is a known issue that the yellow download csv icon is producing a pdf report and not a csv file. Our development team are working to resolve this.