Order parts through PartsTech

This guide will show you how to order parts from PartsTech through Workshop Software.

Please note that only our American and Canadian clients can use the PartsTech integration.

If you have not set up your PartsTech account yet, please see this guide:


If you are needing some guidance on how to use the PartsTech integration please see the below link:


1. To order parts from PartsTech through Workshop Software add your parts and save your invoice.

2. Once you have added all your PartsTech parts to your invoice/job click on the plus sign up the top of Workshop Software and select ‘Supplier Stock Order‘.

3. Select the supplier you would like to order from, eg. Advance Auto Parts or WorldPac. And copy/search for the part that you ordered from PartsTech into the products section:

4. Once you have added all your parts for the supplier that you are wanting to order for, select the ‘Star‘ button and ‘Create Order‘:

5. This will take you into PartsTech directly into the ordering system. Once done press ‘Add to Cart‘:

6. Press ‘ Proceed to Checkout‘ to finalize the order:

7. Click on ‘Submit Quote‘ to place the order:

8. Your order will be sent through PartsTech and you will be brought back into Workshop Software where you will be able to view the order under ‘PartsTech Session Orders‘: This will match with the order in PartsTech!

9. Now that your part is ordered, it will sit as an order until it is delivered where you can then turn it into an invoice by creating a vendor invoice. Note that you will need to process the stock order in order to turn it into an invoice.

10. Search for the supplier and to add the stock order to this invoice without entering everything manually go to the star and press ‘Add Items from Order‘:

11. You will then be able to select the correct stock order that you are wanting to accept into the system as an invoice:

12. You can then process the order and pay it off when ready.

For more information on ordering through PartsTech, the below video will show you through the process starting from 3.26 minutes:

YouTube video