Create a new labour Product

Workshop Software allows you to distinguish between stock and labour items (Job Code) when entering your stock inventory so that you can enter labour lines on to an invoice, these labour lines can then have mechanic times clocked against them.

1. To add a new Job Code click on Products from the menu options down the left hand side of the screen and then click on the blue ‘+’ icon at the far right of the blue bar;

2. Enter the details of the Job Code;

  • Item Code is the only required field
  • In order for to distinguish the product as a Job Code/Labour Line change the Type to Labour
  • If you’d like to automatically update next service date in Vehicle details select ‘Yes’ for Service (for further information please refer to guide named ‘How to update a vehicles next service due date‘)

Once all the relevant details have been entered, click ‘Save‘;

Some notes on the fields you might want to use:

  • Item Code (required field)
  • Description
  • Description 2 – this is an internal field and will not show on a customer invoice
  • Searchable Tags – useful if the part has a different item code with a different supplier, you can then search for either the Item Code or Searchable Tag and bring up the same part
  • Group – either add to existing group or create new group
  • Type – select labour
  • Service – please select this as Yes
  • Retail Price – the price you will sell the product at
  • GST Free – if you want the product to be charged ex. GST change to YES
  • Price2, Price3 & Price4 – can be allocated to customers through their Customer Details, enables you to offer trade or reduced pricing
  • Cost – the price you paid for the part or the labour cost
  • Comment – anything entered in this field will sit as a comment below the product line on an invoice
  • Job Card Comment – anything entered in this field will sit as a comment below the product line on a job card

Please Note: When setting up the product, be sure you set the ‘Type’ to Labour. This will allow your booking to come up in the booking calendar.

Click ‘Save‘ to finish