Set up Workshop Software for different industries

This help guide will show you how to set up Workshop Software when you specialise in an industry other than the automotive car industry.

This may be Marine, Motorcycles, Caravans, Musical Instruments, Trailers, Bicycles, Power Equipment, Machinery and many more.

There are a few things you can do to customise the system to your industry such as changing the system default body types, changing the ‘Variable Field Labels’ and renaming the ‘Vehicles’ tab.

Firstly, we will go through changing the available body types to suit your industry:

1. Go into your ‘Settings’ tab on the left, then select ‘Company Settings’:

2. Scroll down to the section called ‘Vehicle settings’. Click on the arrow to expand this section.

3. This is where you will configure the body types for your industry:

4. Click on the drop down box to see all the industry types and choose the ones that are applicable to you. Eg. if you are a bike shop select ‘Bicycles’:

5. Now when you go to create a new vehicle for a customer, you will see a drop down menu located in the top right hand corner which is defaulted to Standard System Types:

6. Click on the drop down box to choose which type of ‘vehicle’ you want to add in (in this example we will select Marine)

7. You will notice now the fields have changed to be relevant to a marine ‘vehicle’ and the Body Type will also have different options:


The next step in customizing your Workshop Software account is changing the ‘Variable Field Labels’ which will allow you to alter the field names for Rego/Plate Number, VIN Number, Fleet Code. 

1. Again, go into your ‘Settings’ and your ‘Company Settings’:

2. Scroll down towards the bottom to the tab that says ‘Variable Field Labels’:

3. This will allow you to type in a different name for each of these fields. Eg. you could rename Rego or Plate Number to ‘Serial Number’ Or the VIN field to ‘Asset Number’ etc :

4. This will not only come up in your vehicle details but the field name changed will reflect on your invoices and job cards!

Lastly, to customise your Workshop Software account even further you can change the ‘Vehicle Title Name’ which is the name of the vehicles tab:


1. Again, go into your ‘Settings’ and your ‘Company Settings’:

2. Make sure you have the ‘Advanced Vehicle Fields’ tab flicked to ‘YES’ and the ‘Advanced Vehicle Name’ field will be up the top:

3. Type in what you would like to call your vehicles tab. Eg. Bicycles, Trucks, Trailers, Boats ect and press save:

All these features will make Workshop Software not only fit into your industry but help keep your business up to date and organised.

For more information on these features, please see the below video: