How to run the service due report

The Service Due report shows all vehicles due for service between the date range you select and will show you the following details;

    • Vehicle rego
    • Vehicle make & model
    • Customer name
    • Contact name
    • Customer phone number
    • Customer mobile phone number
    • Next service date
    • Service interval

The report can be used to identify those customers that you need to send a reminder to through means other than the automatic reminders available in Workshop Software, you may have customers that you prefer to send written notification to.

1. To run the report, click on ‘Reports’ from the menu options on the left hand side and then click on ‘Business Reports’;

2. Click on the down arrow icon to the far right of the blue ‘Workshop Reports’ menu to expand the menu;

3.  Enter the date range you want the report to cover and then click on the green printer icon at the far right to generate the report, the report will open in a new tab and can then be printed;