Transaction Centre

The Transaction Centre serves as a comprehensive hub for overseeing all facets of your workshop and business operations. It provides greater control and visibility from handling bookings, inspections, and incoming jobs to monitoring orders and managing supplier invoices crucial for job fulfillment, the Transaction Centre consolidates all of your crucial information.

Navigating through this centralised platform is effortless – by selecting the desired tab, the relevant records populate the list and can be filtered to your needs. You can further refine your records through the sorting of headers and the Filter search to pinpoint specific records within each tab.

We have some tips below to get you started!

Jobs Tab:

1. The Transaction Centre can be found in the left hand navigation menu. By default the Transaction Centre will open up on the Jobs tab.

Bookings Tab:

This feature will show bookings including their status, estimated hours and any description in the list view.

1. Select the Bookings Tab

2. By default the Booking screen will open to the current week. (If you need to see different weeks change the start date and end date.)

3. Change the view between Month/Week/Today, by pressing on the tab.

4. To view bookings for a specific customer, enter the customer name in the search filter

5. Select Start Date and End Date.

Inspections Tab:

This is similar to the what is shown in the Inspection tab on the dashboard, just easier to reach when working out of the Transaction Centre.

1. Select Inspection Tab (this will default to Draft inspection).

2. To change the status click on the arrow in the Status box and select the inspection status you would like to view.

3. To search by customer or inspection number, enter the customer name or inspection number in the filter search bar

4. If you select an inspection,  it will open.

Orders Tab:

This tab allows you to see all your supplier orders and can filtered by date, status and whether it is outstanding or not.

1.Select the Order tab (it is defaulted to see all).

Filter the date range by entering a Start and End Date.

Filter By Status by selecting On Order/Received/Suggested.

Filter By Outstanding Only > Yes or No.

Search by Order Number

1. Enter the stock order number in the search filter bar.

If you press on the supplier name, it will take you to the supplier profile.


Supplier Invoices: 

This tab allows you to see all supplier invoices and credits.

1. Select the Supplier Invoice Tab (it is defaults to all).

Filter by date range.


Filter by status.

Search by Supplier invoice number

1. Enter the supplier invoice number in the filter bar

If you press on the supplier invoice in the Transaction Centre, it will take you to the invoice