Track stock orders in Workshop Software

When creating a stock order in Workshop Software you can enter the estimated due date (per product ) that you expect this order to be received on.

1) At the time of entering product items in your stock order there is a “Due Date” column next to each product, simply click on the calendar icon to enter in the expected due date of this item

This can be entered in at anytime prior to processing the order.

2) When the stock arrives to your store, you now need to create a Supplier invoice linked to this stock order. Click here for our guide on how to invoice an existing supplier order. This step will mark the products/stock order as being received.

You can also run a Stock Status Report to see which parts have been received, on order or suggested (where a stock order has been created but not yet processed/sent to supplier)

Click here for our guide on how to run the Stock Status Report.