Print and or email invoices and stock orders

Job Card and Invoices

Until it has been processed an invoice can be used as a job card.

1. To print off a job card, make sure you have entered all the information the mechanic needs, then click the green ‘Save’ button.

2. Click the blue icon next to Balance Due on the far right of the green Customer Invoice bar. This brings up the print and email options, select Print Job Card

3. The job card will then open in a new tab and can be printed for the mechanic

Print/Email invoice to customer

Once the work has been completed and the invoice finalised it can then be emailed to the customer or printed off and given to them in person, faxed or posted.

1. To email an invoice click on the blue icon next to Balance Due  on the far right of the grey Customer Invoice bar. This brings up the print & email options, select Email Invoice

2. Before sending the email you can add any extra information into the body of the email. The subject is automatically populated with the invoice number but can be changed.

Supplier Stock Order

Follow the same process as above, BUT PLEASE NOTE when emailing a stock order the email address and subject do not automatically populate, they will need to be entered.