Setup customer sources in Workshop Software

An important piece of information to track is how did a customer find you, this helps to measure which marketing campaigns/channels are delivering you new business. In Workshop Software you can track the source when they first make a booking as well as each time they come back.

Firstly you will need to create the different customer sources you want to track such as: Reminders, Referrals, Google, Bing, Facebook, Website etc

To set these up in Workshop Software follow the below steps:

1) Click onĀ ‘Settings’Ā and thenĀ “Company Lists’

2) Scroll down and click on the arrow to expand theĀ ‘Customer Source’Ā heading

3) To edit any exisiting Customer Sources, click on the blueĀ ‘Edit’Ā button. To create a new Customer Source, click on the greenĀ ‘+’Ā button located at the bottom left hand corner

4) If creating a new Customer Source, after clicking on the ‘+’ icon a new line will appear with blank fields. Enter in the code you wish to use for the new source and enter a description for the new customer source (these can be the same as each other). Then clickĀ ‘Save’

5) This new customer source will now be available when you use theĀ ‘Customer Source’Ā field in the customer profile (for when they first come to you), or in the Invoice (to record why a customer keeps coming back to you).