Getting started User Guide

This guide covers most of the main set-up functions.

Please note: while it is updated from time to time, some of the screens may not exactly match what you might see on the latest version of the system.

Logging into Workshop Software for the first time

You will have received email from us with a unique web address for your company’s Workshop Software system. This will have been sent immediately once the sign up process was completed (you may need to check your spam/junk folder in your emails). 

Please click on this link, it will open up a web browser and you will then be prompted to create a username and password. 

You can edit these details, create new users and set user access levels once you are logged in.

Logging in after initial set up

Please use the following URL to log into Workshop Software:

Australian & NZ Users:

UK Users:

North American Users:

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Click Here” on the log in page to receive a Password Reset email

System Setup

To get you started using the software as fast as possible, there are a few details you need to set up first.

Company Profile – From here you will be able to set up:

  • Your business contact details,
  • Company letterhead (for invoices), 
  • Where you can purchase SMS to use the SMS features within Workshop Software 
  • As well as access details on your subscription (such as upgrading or cancelling your subscription).

Settings – From here you will be able to set up

  • additional Company Settings (such as ABN, hours of operation for your booking diary, tax settings and invoice settings)
  • For our gold level and above users you will also be able to adjust your online Public Booking diary set up
  • Company Lists where templates are set up
  • Set up of a Pricing Matrix (available for Gold Level subscription users)
  • Reminders – if you want the system to automatically send service due/booking reminders by the customers preferred method of contact (email or SMS).
  • User set up including adding additional users of the software (additional costs apply) or setting up mobile app users (unlimited)

Here is a video tutorial for setting up your company profile


Integrating your accounting system

When integrating Workshop Software and ANY accounting system it is important to understand that the 2 applications will “talk to each other”, which is known as “syncing”.

Essentially this means that whatever data is in one application, for example Customers and Suppliers, will be automatically “synced” to the other application.

YOU MUST BE CAREFUL TO ENSURE that you do not create duplicates. This most often occurs when you IMPORT your Customers and Suppliers from one system to the other, and THEN INTEGRATE them together. This will always create duplicate records, which will then need to be removed.

Please note we can assist in the removal of duplicate records in Workshop Software, though this will incur an hourly service fee. But for any duplicate records created in your account system as a result of the integration can not be addressed by Workshop Software support staff.

If you are new to Workshop Software, and have any doubts as to how to proceed, it is strongly advised that you wait until you start the on-boarding process (for Silver+ level subscription users)

Integrating with Xero

Xero is a beautiful online accounting package which can be integrated with Workshop Software to run the back end of your workshop. This means you can process invoices & payments in Workshop Software and they will instantly sync across into your Xero account.

Here is a video tutorial for setting up your Xero integration.

Integrating with MYOB

Workshop Software has the ability to sync with MYOB online version so that all transactions processed in Workshop Software will instantly be viewed in MYOB

Here is a video tutorial for setting up your MYOB integration:



You can enter all the details of the companies you purchase stock, consumables or any other services from. Once they are in the system, you can then list them as the supplier for parts, send orders and receive supplier invoices etc as featured in the below video tutorial where we will go through

  • How to create a supplier in Workshop Software
  • How to send a supplier Stock Order
  • How to receive a supplier invoice
  • How to make a payment to your suppliers through Workshop Software system and keep a track of what you owe your suppliers



Burson EzyParts Integration

This 2 minute guide will show you exactly how to set-up your Burson EzyParts account to integrate with Workshop Software



Repco Navigator Pro

Create a job card in seconds through the integration of Workshop Software and Repco SmartLink. Never before has it been easier to manage and create jobs, ensure the correct parts and prices plus all your repair info all in the one place. In just a couple of minutes you can be set up with Navigator Pro and start saving heaps of time per day with the integration.