vvGarage – How to set up your appointment types

VVGarage allows your customers to book appointments directly from your personalised app. However this cannot be done without ‘Appointment Types’ so it is important that this step is done properly.

1. Go to Settings > Public Booking on the bottom left hand side of Workshop Software.

2. In the section called Appointment Types press the ‘plus’ button on the right hand side.

3. This allows you to add a new appointment type. You can create as many of these as you would like. To make sure that your appointment type syncs to VVGarage you must fill out all 3 fields:

1. Estimated Hours – Must be greater than 0.

2. Product Code – MUST be a valid Workshop Software LABOUR product.

3. Description – You can name this whatever you would like.

4. When choosing your product code you must make sure to select the valid ‘Workshop Software Product Code’ options that appear. These will have a black ‘product tag’ on the left hand side.


4. Press Save.

5. Now you can press the VVGarage ‘sync’ button to push your appointment types across to your app.