How to manage your customers who pay you via Capricorn

Please note that this feature is only available to customers on our Gold and Platinum packages.

1. Activate your integration by going into Integrations – Automotive Integrations – Capricorn:

2. Activate your Capricorn integration by pressing ‘Activate CAPRICORN‘:

3. Enter your Capricorn supplier number and press ‘Save‘:

Your integration is now activated, when a customer is choosing to pay you through their Capricorn account please go through the following steps:

4. Go into the customers profile that is paying via Capricorn and enter in their Capricorn Member Number in the field provided:

5. Next you need to add Capricorn as a payment type by going into Settings – Company Lists:

6. Scroll down towards the bottom of the Company Lists section and you will find ‘Payment Methods‘:

7. To add Capricorn as a payment method press the green ‘+‘. Make sure to save it. If you are integrated with Xero and are on the gold package you will be able to allocate these payment methods to different accounts in your Xero:

8. Once these steps are done you will be able to go to the dashboard, press the star icon and download a CSV file that can be uploaded to Caplink:

9. You will then be able to choose the date range to download the customers invoices that have been processed within that period:

10. Once downloaded you can upload this file to Caplink: