Best practice use of MISC and SUBLETS product types

MISC and SUBLET are 2 products that deliver excellent flexibility when working with Customer & Supplier invoices in Workshop Software.


The common Item Code is MISC for miscellaneous products (one off items purchased & sold).

The common description to use is “Miscellaneous Parts Description” because this will prompts the staff member adding this product into a booking to enter a description of the part being sold.


Please note: It is important that when setting up the MISC product you toggle the Don’t Upd Qty switch to “YES“, as this gives you the flexibility to change the cost of an item every time it is used.

The strategy behind NOT updating the quantity is that these “products” do not sit on a shelf, and therefore you don’t want them to affect your Inventory count or value, but you do want to get reporting on how they affect the overall profitability of your workshop.

To change the cost of a MISC item ON A CUSTOMER  INVOICE click on the “Unit Price” for the product line, and enter in the retail price (excluding GST) you want to charge for the item.

If you have the GST Free toggle set on ‘No‘ when the MISC product was set up, the GST will automatically be calculated when you enter in the Unit Price.

In the example below, $50 was entered as the Unit Price (excluding GST) and the system will automatically add $5.00 GST to the price.


The same guidelines apply to setting up the SUBLET item. Sublets are simply services which a workshop buys in and the costs vary every time.

Typically these are services like towing charges, welding jobs, tyre replacement, detailing, etc.


Please note: It is advisable to set up a Product Group called Sublets & one called Miscellaneous to get customised reporting on both revenue and expense for these types of transactions. GOLD subscribers can also set up a category called Non-Inventoried Parts/Services to aggregate these 2 revenue streams. For a guide on how to add/create product groups please refer to this guide: