MUST READ Before you integrate with your accounting software


When integrating Workshop Software and ANY accounting system it is important to understand that the 2 applications will “talk to each other”, which is known as “syncing”.

Essentially this means that whatever data is in one application, for example Customers & Suppliers, will be automatically “synced” to the other applications.

YOU MUST BE CAREFUL TO ENSURE that you do not create duplicates. This most often occurs when you IMPORT your Customers or Suppliers from one system to the other, and then INTEGRATE them together. This will always create duplicate records, which will then need to be removed.

The remove of duplicate records will incur a Service Fee.

Please be aware that duplicate records created in your Accounting system as a result CAN NOT be addressed by Workshop Software support staff.

If you are new to Workshop Software, and have any doubts as to how to proceed, it is strongly advised that you wait until you start the onboarding process.