Add templated wording to an invoice

Workshop Software offers the ability to create templated wording that can be added into invoice notes, job car notes and emails. Templated wording can be added into the invoice notes and is a great way to enter the details or a particular service/common work carried out on a vehicle without having to type it on each invoice.

Please refer to the How to create and add invoice templated wording guide for step-by-step instructions to set these up.

1. To add an previous created template to the invoice notes of an open invoice/job card, scroll down the invoice notes field section of the invoice and click on the green ‘Add Template’ button located on the bottom right hand corner of the invoice notes field

2. Select the template you want to add from the list, highlight the template and click on the green ‘Select’ button.

3. Once the template has been added into the invoice notes it can be further edited or added to