Bulk send statement to customers with outstanding invoices

Please note: This function is available to Silver, Gold and Platinum level users

1. In your Workshop Software menu, click on ‘Reports’ and ‘Statements

2. Choose the appropriate options for your statement batch including:

    • How you wish to send to customer
    • Statement begin period (this can be left blank as required)
    • Statement end period (always required)
    • Whether you want to show ‘paid transactions’
    • Whether you want to send a standard statement or 30/60/90 day statement

Please note: The list will dynamically update based on the settings you have chosen and only display the relevant results in the table.

3. Select which customers you wish to send a statement to from the list presented, selected customers will appear dark grey. Alternatively if you wish to select all customers you can click on the blue “All” button to select all available customers that have outstanding invoices.

4. Click ‘Send’ to send the statements to your customers email or printer

5. You will then have a pop up box that will ask if you are happy to proceed sending the statements.

Please note: The same message appears for both printed statements and emailed statements. The wording defaults to ’emailed statements’ but rest assured, that if you have selected to print the statements only, they will not be emailed.

7.  A green success bar will appear at the top of the screen

8. Invoices for printing will appear in a separate browser window, ready for printing (using your standard computer print settings)


If you have opted to print the invoices and nothing happens following step #5 (when you click the ‘send‘ button) it’s possible your browser is not set up to open pop-ups. This is easily fixed. You will see an icon similar to the following in your web address bar (typically on the right-hand side). Click this icon and choose the option to allow pops-ups from this site/webpage. Try printing your statements again and follow the steps 6-8.

How do I know my statements have been emailed?

You will receive a pop-up in statement send window advising how many emails have been sent.