Importing Arabic Text Into Workshop Software

When attempting to import Arabic text into Workshop Software, you may find that the text appears as “????”. This occurs because csv files have not been designed to contain Arabic text. However, there is still a way that this can be imported.

1. Open your spreadsheet containing Arabic text and click File -> Save As

2. Within the filetype dropdown select “Unicode Text (*.txt)”

3. Click Save

4. Close Excel and open the new file. This should look something like the image below:

5. Select the blank space between 2 of your headings (As shown below):

6. Press Ctrl + H to open the “Replace” window. You should see that the blank space has automatically been added into the “Find what:” field.

7. In the “Replace with:” field, enter “,” (comma) and click “Replace All”

8. Close this window and return to your file which should now look something like this:

9. select the long string of commas at the end of each line and click Ctrl + H

10. Remove all text from the “Replace with:” field and click “Replace All”

11. Click File -> Save As

12. Rename your file as your preferred file name, followed by “.csv”

13. In “Save as type”, select “All Files (*.*)” and click “Save”

14. You can now begin the importing process using this file. Please refer to the guide linked below for information on importing: