How to record a customer credit

To record a credit for a customer who either returns a product / part, makes an overpayment but doesn’t want a refund.

1. Click on the ‘+’ icon located next to the main search bar in Workshop Software and select ‘Customer Invoice’ from the dropdown box.

2. Search for the customer using the search field at the top right of the page and double click on the customer you are looking for.

3. Change Account type toggle to account

4. Change ‘Invoice Type’ to credit

5. Record a reason for credit in the description field

6. Enter the product number/ If for overpayment create a product called overpayment

4. Click on the blue ‘Process’ button located on the bottom right hand corner of the page to finalise the invoice:

5. The customer will now have an unapplied credit for the amount of the invoice noted on their profile:

Here is a guide on how to apply a credit to an invoice