Use the Mechanic Clock On Function

This functionality is used to clock mechanics on and off of jobs through the software.


1. Click on Employees and then ‘Mechanic Clock On’ on the tabs on the left hand side of the screen.

2. The Mechanic Clock On screen will appear. In the Job Card No. field type the job you would like to clock on to.

3. You will need to select the job card when it appears in blue.

4. A Mechanic field will then appear. You can choose to type their Name or their Mechanic Code and then select the mechanic.

5. If you have one labour item it will automatically clock onto that line at this point. However if you have more than one labour item it will ask you which labour item you would like to clock onto.

6. Once you have selected your Labour Item a green bar should appear at the top of the page to show that the mechanic has successfully clocked onto the job.

7. To clock the mechanic off the job please perform steps 2-6.