Enabling New Features in the Mobile App

Mobile App

Enabling New Features

We have introduced new features to the mobile app. To enable these new features go to > Settings > User Setup/Maint > Mobile Users > Open the username > Change the Advanced User toggle to YES

Then select the features you would like your mechanic to see. If you do not wish for your mechanics to see the pricing change the Show Pricing toggle to NO > save

Starting A Job

Once you have turned these features on, login into the mobile app. You can still swipe right to start job or finish a job.

You also have the added function to open the job, and start and stop the job by pressing on the green button.

The total time is calculated from all the mechanics that have clocked on for that job.

If there is more than one labour line on a job, you can also select which labour line item you are working on.


Job Centre

You will also notice that the 3 dots on the right hand side of the jobs in the Job Centre has been removed, as well as the history tab down the bottom of the app.

To access this information press on the Job Centre tab:

Then long press on the job that you wish to see more information. You will then have your options to Start Job / Attachments / History / Notes /Inspections:


Inspection Tab

To see in progress inspections press on the Inspection tab at the bottom of the screen:

Then long press on the inspection you will then have the option to see Attachments/ Form/ History/ Notes/ Job Card/ Delete:


Job Status 

When you open a job you are able to change the status of the job by pressing on the box next to job status:

This will then bring up the options:

Once you have pressed continue this will save an update in the web app.



Overview Tab

Once you open a job card you will be able to see Overview/ Post Date/ Job Status/ Vehicle Details/ Customer Details

Customer Tab

If you select the customer tab you will see the customer details,

If you click on the box symbol next to customer details, you will be able to edit the customer details:

You can add the customer address/ phone number/ email/ state. Once you have added all the information it will also update the customers details in the overview tab:


Products Tab

This will show you the products that are attached to the invoice as well as the price (if you do not wish to have your mechanics see the product pricing you can turn off this option).

Swipe the product left to delete an item,

Swipe the product right to edit the product/ product QTY/ price or description

Press the Add Product button down the bottom to be able to add more products to the job,

You can search for a part by typing in the part name/number in the search bar and selecting the part you would like to add

Then add the Quantity you wish to add:


Notes Tab

Click on the Notes tab at the top of the job card

Then  press on the box next to invoice/job notes to edit or add notes

The notes will automatically save once you finish typing.



Press on the attachments tab at the top off the screen

Press take Photo/Video the first time you use this function a pop up window will appear asking what action you would like to take.

After granting permission, this will take you to your camera where you can take your photo/video, this will save to the invoice: