Set a holiday in your booking diary

Workshop Software allows you to create a holiday for your workshop in the Booking Diary section. This holiday will make all mechanics unavailable for the day so nothing can be booked.

1. Click on ‘Settings’ from the list of menu options down the left hand side of the screen and then click on ‘Schedule’;

2. Click the action menu (star in the top-right corner) and then click Create Holiday;

3. Input the date you would like the holiday to take place, if you want this date to be blocked out only in your online booking diary to prevent customers requesting a booking on a holiday date make sure the Public Booking Diary only toggle is on ‘No’. Click ‘Save’;

You will see in your schedule calendar the date you have set as a holiday will have all mechanic’s not available. In the below example, we have set the 26th January 2021 as a holiday. as you can see all mechanics have a yellow bar with the times they are not available

In your internal booking diary there will not be a visible sign that the day is marked as a holiday and bookings cannot be made. However if you trying to allocate a booking on that date you will receive a red error banner message saying Mechanic is unavailable during that time period.