Credit a supplier invoice

You may have instances where by you have ordered a product from a supplier that might be incorrect or no longer require. As a result the part will be returned to your Supplier and they are going to give you a credit amount (based on the value of the product) that you can then use towards future invoices with this suppliers.

Below are the steps to create a credit for a specific supplier that you will use against a future invoice.

1.       Click on the ‘+’ button at the top right of the page and select ‘Supplier Invoice’ from the drop down menu

2.       Search for the supplier you want to raise a credit against, and then double click on their details in the dropdown menu

3.       Enter the invoice details including the parts that are being returned, changing the type of invoice to ‘Credit’.  By entering the parts into this invoice, this will also update your stock levels. Once completed click on the ‘Process‘ button at the bottom right of the page

Please Note: Supplier credits will not sync to your accounting package as credits. Credits are used in Workshop Software to payoff other invoices by that supplier. See guide below on applying supplier credits

Apply a Supplier Credit to a Supplier Invoice