Enter your tax type and rate

To ensure that Workshop Software is set up with your correct tax information you need to enter the tax name and rate applicable to your country of origin.

1. Click on ‘Settings’ from the menu options down the left hand side of the screen and then ‘Company Settings’;

2. Scroll down to the ‘Tax Settings’, click on the arrow to expand this section

3. Enter the Tax Name applicable to your country of origin and also the Tax Rate.  For example in Australia and New Zealand the Tax Name is GST and the Tax Rate in Australia is 10% while it is 15% in New Zealand

1. Tax Name – This is the tax name that is used in different countries eg. AUS/NZ – GST USA: Sales Tax UK/South Africa – VAT ect.

2. Purchases Tax Rate – This is the rate at which tax for purchases is charged out.

3. Sales Tax Rate –  This is the rate at which tax for sales is charged out.

4. Prices Include Tax – This dictates whether all your product prices already include tax OR whether the system needs to add it when the customer is being billed. If flicked to no the system will automatically add tax to each item on an invoice.

5. Tax Freight – This is whether freight will be taxed. You can add freight when in an invoice.

6. Round Total – This setting is for whether you would like each balance to round to the nearest 5 cents.

7. Discount Includes Tax – This setting, if switched to yes, will not change the amount you are discounting. If switched to no, the system will automatically add 10% of the discounted price. For example, if the discount is $50 and the setting is switched to no, the discount will become $55.