Create an Order for a Unit


This is function allows you to track units that you have ordered from the Supplier, the unit will still appear on your Unit List which is useful if you will be selling the unit before it arrives to store.


Please note: You will need to have the Franchise Group and Template of the type of unit you want to order in. CLICK HERE for a step by step video guide on how to set up Franchise Groups, Unit Templates and more


1. Create a Supplier Stock Order by clicking on the “+” icon next to the main search bar in Dealership Software, then select “Supplier Stock Order” from the dropdown menu


2. Search for an existing Supplier in the search bar, if it’s a new supplier click on the “+” icon at the end of the light blue banner.


Additional fields will appear for you to create a new supplier profile. Once you have completed this field click on the green ‘Save‘ button.



3. The order date will default to the date you create the Stock Order, you can also enter in the expected due date of the order in the “Due Date” field.

To add the units enter in “Acquisition” into the product column of the stock order



4. A pop up box will appear for you to choose which Franchise Group this unit will belong to.



Click on the one you want, it will be highlighted in dark grey, the click on the green ‘Select‘ button.


5. Next enter in the number of units you are ordering in the ‘QTY‘ field and then click on the “+” icon


You will notice that the top of the box, now has updated with the number of units you are ordering. Below this you will see #1 displayed this means the form below is details related to the 1st Unit you are ordering.

Fill in the rest of the information of the box, if the template has been set up with most details, you will only need to add in the value of the acquisition and the Suggested Sale Price.




When you have finished entering the details of the first unit, click on the number “2” at the top of the page to enter in the details for Unit 2. Once all details have been entered in, click on the green “Save” button located on the bottom right hand corner of the pop up window



6. You will now be brought back to the previous Stock Order screen. If you no longer need to add any other units to this order, then click “Save” and then “Process“.



7. You will see that these units will appear on your Unit List, this will then allow you to sell the unit before it arrives, as it’s now available for you to put onto a customer invoice.


If you double click on any of these units, and scroll down to Unit Transaction banner you will see that the Unit has been ordered as you can see the purchase order related to this unit.



if you want to you can also expand on the Unit Details banner and add in the notes the ETA of the units arrival to your store.