How to purchase SMS’s

In order to be able to purchase SMS text messages a valid credit card or Capricorn Account must be registered.  If you are paying your subscription either monthly or yearly by credit card then your card details will be registered and on file.  If you have paid your subscription through your Capricorn account  (Australian & New Zealand subscribers only) then you will need to contact Workshop Software on the below numbers to have a credit card registered

Australia: 1300 729 658

New Zealand: (09) 28 3334

    • Click on your company name at the top right of the page and then select ‘Profile’ from the drop down box

    • Click on the blue ‘Buy SMS’ button at the bottom right of the page, just above the green ‘Save’ button

    • Enter the number of SMS’s you wish to purchase and the click on the button under ‘Agree to purchase’ to turn it to yes and then click on ‘Buy’

    • If the purchase is successful you will see the green confirmation bar across the top of the page, if not then please contact Workshop Software on 1300 729 658 (Australia) or (09) 280 3334 (New Zealand).