Why has an invoice/payment not synced to your accounting system

This article covers the steps you should take when you discover an invoice or payment hasn’t synced over to the accounting software you have integrated with Workshop Software.

1. Force a manual sync from Workshop Software and wait for 1 hour.

A manual sync will find all transactions that have been processed in Workshop Software but have not yet synced to your accounting software. This will then either create the transaction in your accounting system or produce an error to explain why this record cannot be created.

To force a manual sync, click your accounting system’s logo in the top right corner of Workshop Software. In the following example, this system is Xero.

2. Check event log, for invoice number of invoice/payment that needs syncing. Note: The invoice number will be the one that shows up on the event log, even if it is the payment that hasn’t synced over:

See the following guide on how to Check your Event Log: https://workshopsoftware.happyfox.com/kb/article/57-how-to-check-the-event-error-log/

See below highlighted section, that shows where the invoice number will appear on each event log error:

3. Refer to one of the below guides, based on your integrated accounting software, to fix the errors appearing in your event log:

Xero: https://workshopsoftware.happyfox.com/kb/article/45-xero-integration-event-log-deciphered/

MYOB: https://workshopsoftware.happyfox.com/kb/article/25-myob-integration-event-log-deciphered/

4. Force a manual sync, once you have rectified the problem.

Once the problem has been resolved, you will need to force another manual sync to push across this transaction.

5. In some cases, this process (from step 2 – 5) will need to be repeated to push the invoice/payment over to your accounting software.