How to re-authorise Xero

The purpose of this article is to show you how to overcome Xero syncing issues where the error says ‘signature_invalid:Failed to validate signature’ or Unknown response code: 500, etc.

signature_invalid:Failed to validate signature

Unknown response code: 500 

The call to authorize a partner xero application failed- 401 Unauthorized

To resolve this and resume the integration between Workshop Software and Xero you simply need to re-authenticate your the Xero integration.

You do this by:

    • Select Integrations in the left hand menu bar
    • Select Accounting Integration
    • Select Xero

Click the blue ‘Authorise Xero’ button.

The last step is to just click login as you browser has most likely saved you Xero login details. If your browser hasn’t you just need to enter your login details and select login.

Once you are returned to Workshop Software press the Xero icon in the top-right corner.

Allow the sync to process and your transactions should now be in your Xero account.