How to add an additional user

Please note additional users of Workshop Software will incur an additional charge of $19.99+tax/month, if you are a yearly subscriber this will be calculated as a pro-rated rate based on today’s day and when your subscription is due to renew.


  • You need to have “Admin” access to add an additional user
  • Click on “Settings” from the list of option down the left hand menu bar to expand the Settings menu, then select “User Setup/Maint.


Click Settings on the left hand navigation menu then click on User Setup/Maint.

  • Click on the blue “+” button on the far right of the blight blue USERS bar;

Click on the blue "+" button on the far right of the blight blue USERS bar

  • Enter the details of the new user:
    • Group – select from Admin, Manager, Owner or Users (Required)
    • Status – select from Active, Inactive or Blocked
    • First Name (Required)
    • Last Name (Required)
    • Email (Required – see note)
    • Dashboard Privileges – choose to limit or allow user full access for viewing dashboard
    • Password & Confirm password (Required)
    • Save


Please note  The email address does not have to be a valid email address. If in the instance you only have one email address, but would like two users, you can use a “dummy” email address. For example, you can use email addresses like this: [email protected], [email protected], even though they are not “real” email addresses. You will, however, lose the ability to re-set the password as this sends an email message. Note that it is preferred that you use a valid email address, a dummy email address should only be used in exceptional circumstances. 


Screenshot of new user form

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