Create a customer and add a vehicle to their profile

1. Click on ‘Customers’ from the left hand navigation menu in Workshop Software

2. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the far right corner of the blue ‘Customers’ bar

3. The screen will refresh with a blank customer profile form, enter the below customer details:

    • Select if the customer is a individual or a company
    • Select if they are a cash or account customer (if they are an account customer you can also set the payment terms further down in the form)
    • Enter the first name and last name (these are required)
    • Phone numbers
    • Email address
    • Physical address details

Once all details are entered click on the green ‘Save’ button

You will know when the file has been successfully saved when you see the green ‘Customer Saved’ bar appear at the top of the screen. You can click on this to make it disappear.

4. Once the customer details have been saved you can then click on the ‘+’ icon at the far right corner of the blue ‘Vehicles’ bar and enter the vehicle details (rego, body type and transmission is required, the rest of the fields are optional). Once details are entered click the green ‘Save’ button.