User Groups and Their Access Rights

To add a new user login to Workshop Software, you need to select a group for the new user

There are many different access groups you can assign your Workshop Software users. We think it’s important that you feel the right people have the right access to information.

Refer to the below group options, and their access rights, to help decide which group should be selected for each user

ADMIN: Has full access. Each subscription must have at least 1 login has to have ADMIN access.

OWNER: Doesn’t have access to anything to do with setting up and adjusting users on the system, Also does not have access to any integration setup and or usage.

MANAGER: Cannot change users (like OWNER), and can’t also access anything to do with the company. This includes Company Settings and Company Listings, Xero and MYOB integration setup, REPCO (both setup and access to the integration itself).

USER: Doesn’t have access to companies or users (like MANAGER). Also cannot access the event logs or SMS feature.

INVOICE + CUST PAY: Has access to customer payments, invoices, and labour items.

PAY ONLY: Has access to all ‘Invoice Only’ features PLUS Customer payments and customer payment items.

NVOICE ONLY: Has access to invoice and labour items.

MECHANIC: Has access to customer payments, invoices, labour items, products, purchase orders, and vendor categories but cannot pull through new products into the system from suppliers like Repco NavigatorPro or Burson’s EzyParts.

* Each Group has access to customers, vehicles, and the search function.

Please note: All users can have access to the sales dashboard if awarded by the subscription Admin. If you are authorised for this feature, go to:


Your user will now have access to see:

  1. Todays sales
  2. Past weeks sales
  3. Past months sales
  4. Analysis Charts (inc. Sales, performance, hours and products details)