Slow Typing in Comments

Some clients have reported slow typing speeds when entering in comments on an invoice.

We have seen that this is more likely to happen on computers with slow CPUs and/or small amounts of memory (RAM).

We have investigated this to an issue with the comment box widget that is provided by a third party. The best fix for this is to use a different comment box widget, however, that is a large job to accomplish and requires some updates to dependent pieces of the program. This is something that we are working on and hope to have a more permanent resolution in the future.

A workaround for now.

A simple workaround is to logout of Workshop Software, close the browser window (or shutdown the browser altogether) and then re-start Workshop Software and log back in.

We understand that this is not the most elegant and user friendly solution, however, it does seem to work. As mentioned above, we are working on a more permanent solution.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please also check out this video for a workaround to this issue: