Add a vehicle

All vehicles entered into Workshop Software require a customer to be linked too, customers are able to have multiple vehicles linked to them.

1. To enter a new vehicle you first need to bring up the details of the customer that owns the vehicle or that the vehicle will be linked to.  To do this you can either;

a) Type the name of the customer into the search bar at the top of the page and then click on their details.  Once you are in the customer details screen, scroll down the page to the blue Customer Vehicles bar and click on the ‘+’ to right of the blue Vehicles heading;

b) Click on Customers from the menu options down the left hand side, search for the customer and then click on the blue car icon to enter the details of a new vehicle;

2. You are now able to enter the details of the new vehicle, the Rego, Transmission Type and Body Type fields are all required fields, it is then up to you how much information you enter.  Once you have entered the details click on the green Save button at the bottom right of the page;

3. You are also able to enter some details of a new vehicle when creating a booking or invoice for the customer;

4. Enter the details of the vehicle, both Rego and Body Type are required field, once you have entered the details click on the green Save button;