Customer invoice

To create or edit a customer invoice, follow the steps in this guide

Click on the “+” icon at the top right hand side of the page next to your company name and logo and select Customer Invoice from the drop down box.

If the invoice is for an existing customer

Click on the “Search Customers” search bar and enter the customer’s name. To select this customer double click on their details.

If the invoice is for a new customer

Click on the “+” icon located on the far right of the Select a Customer bar

Additional fields will appear, enter in the details of the new customer.

Once all the details are entered click on the “Save” button

Adding a vehicle

Click on the “+” icon at the top right of the page, next to “Select a Vehicle” to add the details of the vehicle.

Please note that you can add a vehicle to a customer details at any time but can only add a vehicle to an invoice when you first create the invoice.

The minimum details required is the REGO, all other details can be collected by your mechanic whilst working on the vehicle and the file can be updated at a later stage.

Once all the details have been entered click on the Save button

Enter the booking details into the invoice

Next enter in the details of the booking into the Customer Invoice section. Details can include:

    • Order Number – if applicable
    • Invoice Type – Select invoice
    • Date of booking
    • Payment Method – if unsure you can leave blank and update prior to processing
    • Odometer
    • Description – brief description of the job being carried out
    • Product – enter service type and any parts, this can be left blank, added to or changed later if required.
    • Invoice notes – any notes to appear on the invoice
    • Job Card notes – any notes that will appear only on the job card.

Once all details have been entered into the invoice click on “Save” located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. This will save the invoice and enable to you to make changes, additions or delete details if required.

The invoice will now appear in the Job Centre, to open it up just double click on the line