Supplier refund

Situation: You have ordered some parts, but they are incorrect or you no longer require them. The parts are going to be returned to the supplier and your supplier is going to refund you the cost of these parts.

Currently, Workshop Software does not have a feature available for credit refunds against suppliers. We suggest to do either of the following:


Record the refund in your accounting software directly, however this will not adjust your stock level in Workshop Software AND there is no record in Workshop Software of the refund.


2. a) Create a Credit for a supplier Invoice this will adjust your stock level and you will see a Credit invoice in Workshop Software

b) Void the original payment against original supplier invoice

c) Process new payment (less the amount to be refunded) to original supplier invoice

d) Apply the credit invoice towards the original supplier invoice

Please note you need to do steps b-d otherwise the invoice will be ‘overpaid’

e) Apply the refund towards to credit in your account software