Transfer vehicle ownership

How to Move Vehicle Ownership

Workshop Software gives you the ability to move a vehicle and it’s history from one customer to another.

Please note: the new owner of the vehicle will need to be set up in Workshop Software before following the below steps. How to create a customer profile

1. Search for and bring up the Vehicle Details for the vehicle that is to be moved to a new customer/owner;

2. Click on the ‘Star’ icon at the top right of the screen and then select ‘Transfer Ownership’ from the drop down list;

3. Enter the name of the new customer/owner and click on their details from the drop down list, click on the green ‘Confirm’ button to confirm the change;

4. The vehicle and any invoices created for it have now moved and show against the details of the new owner, the invoice history will show under the Customer Details of the old owner as well but not the details of the actual vehicle.