Let your customers know about the vvGarage App

The purpose of this article is to show you how to communicate with you customers about the vvGarage app using the Communication Centre within Workshop Software, providing them with their username, password and link to the app.

There are a few of prerequisites for this to occur:

    • Ensure you have your vvGarage account integrated with Workshop Software. For further information, see this article:
    • The customers have to be added to the vvGarage portal. This is done automatically by Workshop Software after integrating with vvGarage.
    • Make sure you have purchased enough Text Messages (SMS) to cover the number of messages to be sent.
    1. Go to Actions – Communication Centre:

2. Select “Communicate with Customers” as the Communication Type.

3.Select “SMS All” as the Contact Type.

4. Press “Search“. This will bring up a list of customers with mobile numbers.


Set Up SMS Message

At this stage, you can type whatever you like into the SMS Message field to message the customer. The key is to ensure you have, at the very least, the following placeholders somewhere within the message:

    1. %vvguser% : This is the username for the customer. You can also find this username in the vvGarage portal. This will be either the customer’s email address, or will be a word made up of the customer’s first and last names.
    2. %vvgpword%: This is the password for the customer. The password will be usually 8 characters long.
    3. %vvgapplink%: This is the link to download the app.
Please note: If the message is longer than 160 characters (including the characters used by the link, the username and the password) this will incur another sms charge as the system has to send 2 SMS messages.

Select Customers and Send!

    1. You can select all the customers you would like to send the SMS’s to by either clicking on the lines in the customer grid, one at a time or, by pressing the “All” button. You can deselect a customer by clicking the line again to stop highlighting it, or by clicking the “none” button to deselect all customers.

2.Press Send, in the bottom right hand corner.

Your customers will now receive a text message with your message, and letting them know where to download the app, and what username and password to use to access the app once this has been downloaded