Using Workshop Software on a Tablet

Workshop Software is able to be used on any device that connects to the internet making it perfect for a paperless workshop, you can use Workshop Software through the web browser on a tablet like an iPad.

1. Login to Workshop Software through the web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) as you would on your desktop, Mac or laptop:

2. Workshop Software will open as normal, just a smaller version due to the smaller screen:

3. You can use all functions of Workshop Software on a tablet, including typing:

4. Rather than printing out job cards, the job can be viewed on the screen of the tablet, job card notes can be seen and parts added as they are used.  You can view in either landscape or portrait, whatever you find easiest:

5. At the completion of the job you can then email the invoice to your customer:

6. If you want or need to print off an invoice or job card you are still able to do so, you’ll just need to have your printer linked to the tablet:


Job Card: