Create templates for invoice notes

Instead of typing the same notes or information on to every customer invoice you can create templated wording and insert the template into the invoice notes each time it is needed.

1. To create a new template, click on ‘Settings’ from the list of options down the left hand side and then click on ‘Company Lists’;

From here you will be able to choose different sections that you can create templates for. (i.e. templates created under Invoice Note Templates will be available for invoice notes only).

2. Click on the arrow key for Invoice Note Templates to expand on this section

3. Click on the green ‘+’ icon to add a new template;

4. Create your template, give it a description that will make it easily identifiable.  You can format the text a number of different ways.  Once you have entered your text click on the green ‘Save’ button in the bottom right;

To enter the template to an invoice, click on the green ‘+Add Template’ button at the bottom of the Invoice Notes field in a customer invoice;

Select the template you want to insert and then click on the ‘Select’ button;

The wording will now appear in the Invoice Notes and is able to be edited if required;